Debbie Domer Ministry

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I would like to welcome  you to my website.  Here, you can get information about my ministry , my music, my upcoming events and what is going on in our family ministry.  I would enjoy coming to your church or concert hall and sing, speak or do the puppet ministry.  You can also see my videos of my concerts and the puppet ministry on YouTube.  Just type in my name and they will come up.
God bless you and I hope to see you along the way soon.

So far this year has been a wonderful year. Great meetings and going to new places this year to minister. God is so very good and I am excited about where He is taking our ministry this year. We are getting our schedule together for the year, so if your church would like a concert, a ladies meeting, a senior meeting, and youth meeting, a family revival, youth camp, please contact me and and lets set up a date for us to come and to minister. God has been so good to us and we want to share His goodness and love and salvation to others. Pray for us as we travel and help us pray for America and pray for lost souls.. God bless each of you Type in my name and see my concept video Called Dont Worry About Me